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Venezuela in context

Tradionally, Venezuela has been very active in integration and foreign trade. Currently, is a member of Common Market from the South (MERCOSUR), apart from maintaining  bilateral commercial agreement with Andina Nations Community (CAN In Spanish). The country is also a member of Caribbean States Association (AEC in Spanish), Latin-American Integration Association (ALADI in Spanish) and Latin-American and Caribbean Community (CELAC in Spanish). At the same time, the country has also subscribed free trade agreement with Chile.

The commercial balance is surplus and it is mainly conformed by oil export.  At the end of the term January-October 2014 the main goods for exports are chemical, mining, common metal, while the main part for import are products related to machinery and electric materials, chemical common metal, vegetable and animal agriculture.

According to the information of foreign trade by National Statistics Institute (INE in Spanish), the main commercial Venezuela’s partners are, Brazil, China, Colombia, United States, Spain and The Netherlands.