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Business Opportunities

According to World Tourism Organization (WTO), South-America will register a huge amount of visitors between 2010 and 2020, above world medium and the Americas. Therefore, there is an overview and ideal outline for Venezuela as a result of its privilege geographical placement: gate of South-America entrance and the ideal access for Latin-America to United States and Europe.

As a result of its triple Andina, Amazon and Caribbean identity, Venezuela is a tourism “multiple destination” product.

The main segments on tourism development are focused on sun and beach activities, nature and business. The latter attracts the biggest amount of visitors who come to the most important cities of the country, as well as linked places with the oil, gas and petrochemestry industries among others.

In order to face this demand, important international hotel chains have their representation in Venezuela: Hilton, Marriott, Radisson, Hesperia, Intercontinental, Sol Meliá, Embassy y Best Western, among others. Additionally, the country has one of the most complete transportation infrastructure in Latin-America:  good highways and roads, airports, private and public urban ground transportation services and seaports throughout its coastal extension.

Conscious of this potential, the Government considers this activity a strategic sector for the economic development of the country, according to the 310 article of the National Constitution. Considering this, the Tourism Ministry has a strategical plan with 7 development poles with nature attractions, culture and productive supported by numbers of stimulus for the investors.