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Mining and Metallurgical

Business Opportunities

Venezuela concentrates 2% of the world mineral offer, among them iron, coal, bauxite, phosphate and limestone. The abundance of these reservoirs and their low exploiting level are ideal circumstances to incorporate new players in mining exploitation its complete chain.

The sector is reserved for direct exploitation of the Government; however, private capital can participate under concessions, as well as craft mining and cooperatives. It has been introduced in recent years reforms in economic and law aspects.

The recovering of economic powers such as China, India and Japan eager of raw materials have stimulated the world prices of iron, Steel and gold. In this sense, opportunities get higher in value added of metallurgical production.

This production capacity guaranteed the Access of important markets, thanks to the endowment of Venezuelan infrastructure exceeds the Latin-American standards. The road networks are the most extended of the region, with a total amount of 96.155 km, which 32.308 km are paved.

Additionally, it counts with 13 seaports, 369 airports and 7.100km of navigable waterways. In Orinoco River and Maracaibo Lake, even transatlantic ships transit is allowed.