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Business Opportunities / Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Business Opportunities

In Venezuela the sector has become in a transversal factor with a direct impacto n the rest of productive sectors, but there is a lack of capital for masifying its penetration on the society. Its offer covers production, commercialization and equipment management and computer programs, services based on information technology and telecommunication.

A legal framework with precise guidelines and the existence of technological Parks support the activity, making it in an excellent marketing niche for selling updated technology. In this framework, the business opportunities on the sector are focused mainly on external process (outsourcing), businesses with web platform, wireless network, and voice services on IP.

Venezuela’s success on TIC is due to a high quality offer and less expensive than other Latin-American countries. Besides, there are around 82 national technical education centers specialized on the subject, which educate qualified and high international prestigious workforce. There is not in vain that many enterprises already offer their products and foreign services under international high quality standards.