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Foreign Direct Investment

Venezuela in Context

Traditionally, the most attractive sectors for foreigner capitals are related to natural sources and specially hydrocarbons. However, non-oíl businesses have their development opportunity.

According to historical information from official sources, the flow of investment have been focused on manufacturing activities, telecommunication and banking, while the countries that traditionally invest in Venezuela are: United States, Japan, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Italy and Colombia.

The investment record in the country is tabulated by BCV in its payment balance account. The variable is global and includes money or physical assets which increases the capital, contribution of resources to main partner and their subsidiaries, loans and commercial credits and reinvested utilities although they not capitalized.

In addition, the Banking Institutes Superintendence (Sudeban in Spanish), The Direction of Technology and Industrialization of Mining and Petroleum Ministry and Assurance Superintendence (Sudeseg in Spanish), record the investment in cash or physical assets that make capital to grow and their corresponding areas with the exact independent moment of its execution. In other economic areas, the authority is Foreign Trade National Center (CENCOEX in Spanish).