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Business Opportunities

Our soils are provided with great agricultural resources, livestock, fishery and forestry which have been always an important focus for social and economic development. Coupled to favorable climate conditions with only to seasons (rain and drought) and an average temperature of 26°C, Venezuela is without any doubt a land of fertile business.

A total amount 2.598.000 of arable lands and an inelastic demand are an appetizing offer for investing in food sector, either on the first phases of the network (agriculture and agroindustry) or on the marketing area; there is a low penetration on this area and highlights franchises as a innovating model and local entrepreneurship.

While the Latin-American markets have a growing tendency in exports, Venezuela aims in importing. This behavior reveals untapped niches, in which the State has intervened through production, import and food distribution.

In order to stimulate the sector, commercial and universal banking must allocate a percentage to their loan portfolio to agriculture sector. Additionally, the governmental program Factory of factories financing the systematic creation of new companies leveraged with competitive advantages y natural vocation from each region of the country and therefore satisfies specific markets.