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Venezuela in context

The nation prides to itself for having a huge mineral resources, where hydrocarbons are their business card. The proven reservoir are calculated in 299.953 billion of oil, while the proven reservoir of natural gas is 198.368 trillions of cubic feet. Being hydrocarbons sector a relevant importance either as placement of the industry as well as the developing of value networks in connected sectors to the same resource.

The richness of Venezuelan land also includes mineral such as, iron, coal, bauxite, gold and diamonds, especially in Guayana. Both basic industries and oil industry there is a strong participation of the state for being considered strategic for the nation.

Venezuelan economy is characterized for an important dynamism in communication sector as part of non-petroleum activities recorded in the country. For the 2014 term, the sector records an average growth of 14%, maintaining also a growing perspective for next terms. It is important to point out as well the growing of services segment in participation over GDP: government services with 13,1%; real estate services with 10,2% and commerce service 9,9%.

There is an abundance in fisheries production in the seafront, while forest resources and the vast agriculture and livestock extensions settled in the Pampas and Andina area.

In tourism, Venezuela is famous for its coasts, among other shocking landscapes such as Angel Fall, the highest waterfall in the world; Maracaibo Lake, the biggest of South America; Orinoco River, the third largest river in the world: Mérida Cable Car, the highest and tallest in the planet; 45 national parks and 32 natural monuments.