Consulting and identification of legal and economical obstacles for investment, both private and public

Consulting and Special Projects


Given the CONAPRI expertise about the legal framework, regulatory and the economy of the country, as well as the articulation activities from public and private initiatives, adding a wide contact network of our organization, we complemented in the recognizing capacity of application and sophisticated research techniques and analysis, that allows us to generate integral solutions adapted to the need of information of our partners and customers. We are exclusive in selecting our customers, accepting in participate on special projects that generate a positive impact knowledge assets of our institution.

We work in the five strategic lines that is derived from our mission:

Competitiveness: We have accumulated extensive knowledge about competitiveness, clusters and strategy through initiatives such as our partnerships with major international organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Institute of management development (IMD), the United Nations and the Andean Development Corporation. Likewise, we develop sectoral studies of competitiveness and improvement of processes through various techniques such as benchmarking, best practices, among others.

Investment climate: our studies of location information «Most attractive cities to invest» and «Index Regional of attraction of investments» that are unique in the country, in addition to the follow-up that we maintain the investment environment carry out:

  1. Analysis of public policies and current regulations.
  2. Monitoring political, economic and social tendencies.

Business Intelligence: our expertise in regional analysis has allowed us to attend local and international companies in their location decisions to establish new operations. We are recognized for our capabilities in the areas of:

  1. 1. Evaluation of basic conditions (infrastructure, services, quality of life, human capital, etc.) to support economic activity and attracting investment at the level of cities and States of Venezuela.
  2. Marketing Analysis.
  3. Strategies Design.
  4. Reconmendations of investments localization.

Local development and social corporate responsibility of our experience we are able to guide communities to leverage the opportunities created by the investments in your environment to improve their standard of living, through the identification of factors that can be developed jointly by civil society, the company and the local government, through the design and implementation of a strategic plan of development for the town or region.

Business and international investment: We advise on the formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances between domestic and foreign partners to strengthen the skills and competitive advantages of local firms in international markets, considering the experience in the areas of foreign trade and integration that we have.

We have worked with:

Pdvsa-Proesca; Coramer, Atento Venezuela, Venezuelan Construction Chamber, (CVC in Spanish). Sincrudos de Oriente (Sincor), current Petrocedeño. United Nations Development Program (UNDP). United Nations Trade and Development Conference (Unctad). Conoco Phillips. Venezuelan/Swiss Trade and Industry Chamber (Swiss Chamber). Pestana Group, Schneider Electric Microsoft Venezuela. Chacao Council. Venezuela/Colombian Economic Integration Chamber (Cavecol). Additionally, we have given our support in this area to various governmental institutions and diplomatic entities.

In addition to the special services we offer in our efforts to promote timely information, we invite you to know our publications of impact, with data and relevant analysis of interest of the environment for business and investment in Venezuela (publications).


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