Invest in Venezuela

Advising investors for sound decision-making in a changing environment

Business Opportunities

The consolidation more and more effective each time of a world market, economy diversification in several productive activities and service providers pose new challenges due to the complex process of products specialization, diversification and differentiation that are not only domestic economies drives, but they are being carried out by economic agents highly active on the international level.

Venezuela is a country characterized by the development of oil businesses y manufacturing activities which posseses the heaviest relative weight inside GDP. And the capability of job opportunities, that means, a market with purchasing power. However, in recent years, commerce segment and services have been growing as well as other opportunities niches for the development of new businesses and the growth of the ones already established.

Following the recommendations from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad), CONAPRI bets to focalization on investments as the main strategy for investment catchment. In that way, we can adjust to not only the more profitable opportunities for national economy and businessmen, no matter their size.