About us

Business opportunity marketing, with assertive and reliable information


National Council for Investment Promotion

Founded in 1990, the goal of this organization is diffusing business opportunities in Venezuela, using for that its focalized strength in neutrality, analysis, and relationship. Thanks to its heterogeneous character, this non-profit civil organization has a permanent support from important national and international enterprises, but also has a relationship with government agencies, giving an objective vision of all the scenarios that face the country.

CONAPRI has a valuable and marketing information about Venezuelan economy, being able to provide technical and timely information for assisting requirements linked with business development in the country; besides that it can generate meeting spaces for dissertation about common topics which contribute to building favorable conditions for making business and generating documents that are a reference in economic, social, legal and investment topics in the country.

The working areas that focus on are:


  • Country image.
  • Services to potential and settled investors.
  • Identifying investment opportunities.
  • Reliable and timely providing information.
  • Business Meetings
  • Marketing opportunities in front of key audience.

Base of Investment projects.

  • Support to other public and private promoting organizations.



  • Identifying obstacles to private investment.
  • Legal and economic analysis to proposing to enhance business environment.
  • Determinants analysis for investment.
  • Propitiating agreements for making improvements
  • Lobbying in front of “Decision Makers” to foster advances.
  • Technical support to Executive and Legislative Power in key aspects.

Board of Directors



Alberto Vollmer President

Ron Santa Teresa

Juan Simon Mendoza Vicepresident

Empresas Polar

Luis Prado

Daniel Espinoza

Fausto Oliveira Costa

Ramón García

Haydeé Cisneros de Salas

Diana Torres

Aldo Hernández

Alfredo Larrazábal

Carlos Medina

Rafael Márquez

Fernando Guareshi

Johann Schnell

  • Manuel Alonso


    Bolsa de Valores de Caracas

  • Alberto Vollmer


    Ron Santa Teresa

  • Luis Prado

    Shell Venezuela

  • Horacio Velutini

    Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios

  • Daniel Espinoza

    Banco Exterior

  • Raiza Morales

    S.A.P Andina y del Caribe

  • Fausto Oliveira Costa

    Nestlé Venezuela

  • Ramón García

    CA Laboratorios Asociados

  • Haydeé Cisneros de Salas

    Telefónica Venezuela

  • Diana Torres


  • Aldo Hernández

    Microsoft Venezuela

  • Alfredo Larrazábal

    Mercantil Banco Universal

  • Carlos Navarro

    Huawei Technologies Venezuela

  • Carlos Medina

    IBM Venezuela

  • Por designar

    Corporación Digital, C.A

  • Rafael Márquez


  • Fernando Guareshi


  • Johann Schnell

    Protinal Venezuela