Invest in Venezuela

Advising investors for sound decision-making in a changing environment

Let’s talk about Investment

Let’s talk about Investment in Venezuela, proposals to improve the business environment is Conapri’s latest publication, focused on the analysis of transactional costs applied to relevant factors that must be considered in the decision-making context of developing and strengthening investment in the country.

CONAPRI, under the premise and based on its strong belief that national and international investments are a key factor for the development of Venezuela, presents a renewed vision, elaborated by a panel of experts, of its previous study “Costo Venezuela 2002”. This edition includes new topics like Currency Control, Price Control, and Foreign Trade to enrich the analysis of the costs associated with investing in Venezuela

This publication was made thanks to the Grant Funding of the British Embassy in Venezuela. We invite you to visit and find more about the research’s results following the link below: