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National Council for Investment Promotion

The National Council for Investment Promotion, CONAPRI is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1990 with the purpose of stimulate Investment and promote Business Opportunities in Venezuela. Since its foundation, major national and international companies have been among its members.

CONAPRI provides useful statistical data and business information, based on macroeconomic indicators and other index, such as labor productivity, average wages, attractive sectors.

Thanks to its recognition as a technical and neutral actor, has facilitated encounters between public and private sectors to evaluate legal and economical topics of interest, in an effort to stablish favorable conditions for business.

Most of this organization criteria and publications are a reference in economic, social, legal and investment in the country.

Its core functions are:

  • Analysis of Investment opportunities
  • Advice for current and potential investors
  • Database of local investment projects
  • Networking and business meetings
  • Technical support for decision makers
  • Publication of legal and economic analysis
  • Relation with regional API

Board of Directors



Alberto Vollmer President

Ron Santa Teresa

Juan Simon Mendoza Vicepresident

Empresas Polar

Luis Prado

Daniel Espinoza

María Choco

Ramón García

Inesandra Machado

Diana Torres

Aldo Hernández

Eduardo Cáceres

German Andrés Pacheco

Rafael Márquez

Fernando Guareshi

Carlos Fernández

  • Alberto Vollmer


    Ron Santa Teresa

  • Juan Simón Mendoza


    Empresas Polar

  • Gustavo Pulido Medina

    Bolsa de Valores de Caracas

  • Luis Prado

    Shell Venezuela

  • Horacio Velutini

    Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios

  • Nelson Acosta

    Banco Exterior

  • Raiza Morales

    S.A.P Andina y del Caribe

  • María Choco

    Nestlé Venezuela

  • Ramón García

    CA Laboratorios Asociados

  • Carlos Navarro

    Huawei Technologies Venezuela

  • German Andrés Pacheco

    IBM Venezuela

  • Fernando Guareshi


  • Daniella Álvarez


  • Andrés Octavio

    Solfín Casa de Bolsa

  • Carlos Fernández

    Protinal Venezuela